Flat 1 Quarto no Ancorar Flat Resort (C205)
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Flat 1 Quarto - Ancorar Flat Resort

01 bedroom flat at Ancorar Flat Resort, Porto de Galinhas. It has a great location and comfortably receives up to 04 people, having the following configuration:

• Room with 01 double queen box + TV and closets;

• Living room with double sofa bed and TV.

• Equipped kitchen (dishes, glasses, pans, cutlery, blender, sandwich maker, microwave, cooktop 02 burners, refrigerator and various utensils);

• Glass table and 04 chairs;

• Full bathroom (box, closet, electric shower);

• Air conditioning in bedroom and fan in living room


PETS: Pets are not allowed during the rental period.

BATHROOMS: Warn everyone not to throw paper and the like in toilets to avoid clogging.

KITCHEN: It is not allowed to exchange pots, crockery, cutlery from one property to another. If desired, leftover food in the refrigerator will be removed by the cleaning staff for needy people.

POWER: Turn off lights, electrical equipment, and air conditioning when not in use or when away from the property.

PARKING: It is forbidden to park in reserved spaces of another property even if empty.

FACADE: It is forbidden to place towels, sheets and clothes hanging on the balconies, balconies, windows and front gardens. Please use clothesline in appropriate internal areas.

WASTE AND WASTE MANAGEMENT: Keep the property clean and free of trash and waste; as well as keep the pipes, wires, glasses, plumbing and other equipment and accessories in the conditions that were at the time of your entry into the property.

CLEANING: Regardless of the cleaning fee, Renter will keep the property in habitable condition and will leave it reasonably clean and swept, trash emptied and dishes washed, otherwise an additional cleaning fee will be charged.

NO SMOKING: Smoking is permitted on balconies only, while glass doors and windows are closed.

NOISE: The Rules of Procedure prohibit the use of stereo, car radio, musical instrument and other sound manifestations (games, television, dances, conversations etc.) in volume that bothers neighbors and guests in other homes, especially after 10 pm .

USE OF ILLICIT DRUGS: If renters are caught carrying or using illicit drugs, their rental agreement will be immediately canceled and their entry into the apartment will be prohibited.

Fazenda Merepe, Rodovia PE-009, Km 06, S/N – Porto De Galinhas – Ipojuca Pernambuco Brazil
4 persons
Number of garages


1 Sofa Bed double

Living Room / Common Area

1 Double bed